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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Package Layout Design

I was practicing some 3D art for package design. Finished it off
and mapped all the art for the cookie box.

Here is an example of using vector art on a dieline.
I mapped the layout art onto a 3D box for vicks.

This artkit box design was my final project in the last semester
at Mohawk College-Graphic Design Course. I chose to use many of
the elements and principals of design.

These 3D dice were an exercise in making a realistic package.
I also mapped the dots onto each one using Illustrator.

The cereal box design required a cartoon character
to target a child. We could to choose the cereal
name and all the other text and images added to the box.

We were given a choice of products to create a package design. I chose all the text elements and colors for this package.

Here is an exercise to practice drawing package die lines, filling them with color and placing supplied graphics.

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